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Dr. Kathleen Lorencz Picture

Dr. Kathleen J. Lorencz

Dr. Kathleen Lorencz was a professor in business for 41 years at Oakland Community College. She earned a Bachelor Degree at Michigan State University, a Master Degree and PhD at Wayne State University. Preparing students for a world of work was her primary mission at...

Leroy & Carole Salowich.jpg

Dr. LeRoy & Carole Salowich

Dr. LeRoy Salowich is a veteran with eight years of military service. He is a charter faculty member of Oakland Community College. He developed, directed, coordinated and taught the Medical Laboratory Program. The program had worldwide recognition. The program...

Dr. McCall

Dr. Maurice McCall family and friends

Dr. Maurice Henderson McCall was the eldest of six children born in Newport News, Virginia. He earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Carnegie Mellon University in Music Composition and Theory and his doctoral degree from the University of Cincinnati...


Dr. Mel & Nena Chudnof

The Dr. Mel and Nena Chudnof Endowed Scholarship was created to honor Dr. Mel and Nena Chudnof on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary. Mel was a faculty member at the OCC Auburn Hills campus for 43 years. He taught Psychology and coordinated the Mental...


Dr. Rosalind Reaves - part 1

Dr. Rosalind Reaves currently serves as faculty at OCC’s Academic Support Center (ASC) at the Royal Oak Campus. Regarding her first endowment, she writes: It is often said that “it takes a village to raise a child.” In my case, the proverbial village was the place...


Dr. Rosalind Reaves - part 2

Dr. Rosalind Reaves currently serves as faculty at OCC’s Academic Support Center (ASC) at the Royal Oak Campus. Regarding her second endowment, she writes: For as long as I can remember, my dream had been to explore the world, to travel to distant lands—most...


Dr. Rosalind Reaves - Part 3

Southfield/Oak Park Academic Recognition (SOAR) Endowed Scholarship Dr. Rosalind Reaves currently serves as faculty at OCC’s Academic Support Center (ASC) at the Royal Oak Campus. Regarding her third endowment, she writes: This Southfield/Oak Park Academic...

Dr. Sally Hanna and Mr. Gerry Logue

Dr. Sally Hanna and Mr. Gerry Logue

Sally Hanna worked in higher education for 44 year in both two- and four-year institutions, the last 15 years as Dean of Academic & Student Services at Oakland Community College. Her husband, Gerry Logue, stood by her side and was a staunch supporter of her...

Estelle Mary Nealer.JPG

Estelle Mary Nealer Estate

Estelle Mary Nealer provided for this scholarship thru her estate at her time of passing (January 2014). Mrs. Nealer was very active with St. Mary’s Parish in Milford, a member of Milford American Legion Post 216 Ladies Auxiliary, the Third Order of St. Francis and ...

Rotary Logo.JPG

Farmington Rotary & the Estate of Lydia Silvani-Foley

For nearly 25 years, Farmington Rotary and the Physically or Otherwise Handicapped Individuals (POHI) Department at Eagle School partnered for care for children who had been afflicted with debilitating and often degenerative diseases. Farmington Rotary provided much...

Velasquez parents

Felipe & Maria Velasquez (by their family)

The Felipe and Maria Velasquez Memorial Scholarship* was established to honor Mexican-American immigrants who strived to instill the importance of family, education, community involvement and volunteer service to assist others in need. As parents, they instilled to...

AW IMO Picture.JPG

Frances Gomez memorial (by her family and friends)

Mrs. Gomez was instrumental in establishing the Chicano C4 Program at Oakland Community College. The program provided full scholarships to Hispanic students at a time when services for Hispanics were few, and by its end, 250 students successfully participated. Mrs....

Fraser E. Pomeroy.JPG

Fraser E. Pomeroy

Mr. Pomeroy “BUD” of Waterford formerly of Birmingham, was born in Detroit. He married Margaret Trout on Thanksgiving Day-November 24, 1932. She preceded him in death in 1997. He graduated from Detroit Northwestern High School in 1925. Then, in 1928 he graduated from...


Gary Davis & Mark Sawyers memorial (by their family and friends)

On June 22, 2005, the Oakland Police Academy dedicated a memorial honoring Police Officers Gary Davis of Bloomfield Township and Mark Sawyers of Sterling Heights. Then-Deputy Chief Dan McCaw of the Waterford Township Police Department initiated this memorial to...

Cartsonis pic.jpg

George A. Cartsonis memorial (by his family and friends)

The second son of Greek immigrants, George A. Cartsonis grew up on the east side of Detroit, spending his formative years working in his parent’s diner and immersed in the Greek culture of his neighborhood. After graduating from Wayne State University in the mid...

G. Fay.jpg

Gerald E. Faye tribute (by the OCC Faculty Association)

Gerald E. Faye was a faculty member at Oakland Community College for 51 years, retiring in 2017. He was a dedicated instructor, teaching within the Social Science discipline. In addition, Gerald was actively involved in the Oakland Community College Faculty...

Greg Kozell memorial (by Cheryl Kozell)

Greg Kozell memorial (by Cheryl Kozell)

There is nothing that would make Greg Kozell happier than to know there is a scholarship at Oakland Community College in his memory. Greg spent his life serving his country and his community. He was a big supporter of education and respected the commitment students...

Harold & Esther Ellias memorial (by Anne Greenstein)

Harold & Esther Ellias memorial (by Anne Greenstein)

Harold and Esther Ellias took their daughter Anne to concerts at a young age, and encouraged her to study music privately. About a year after she completed her Master’s degree at the University of Michigan, Anne decided to further her education at Oakland Community...

Nurse Cap.jpg

Harper Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association

During the early 1900s Detroit’s Harper Hospital was home to one of the nation’s most renowned nursing schools. Opened in 1884, Harper’s Farrand Training School for Nurses graduated nurses who served with distinction in every major twentieth century crisis. During...

AW IMO.gabori.JPG

Harriet Heiden Gabori & Richard Frederick Gabori memorial (by their family)

Harriet Heiden and Richard Gabori came of age during the depression when college was a real luxury. Dick grew up in New York, but as a gifted athlete, he attended the University of North Carolina on a scholarship. Harriet grew up in Detroit and attended Wayne State...

Ivy Davis Jr..JPG

Ivy C. Davis Jr. memorial (by his family and friends)

Ivy C. Davis Jr. (Poppy) was a free spirit, who enjoyed the warm outdoors, and was an avid biker, hiker, and traveler. He had wonderful smile, gentle heart, and sense of humor. (June 21, 1987 – January 17, 2014)

Photo of James Lorencz

James & Emma Mae Lorencz memorial (by Dr. Kathleen Lorencz)

James Lorencz, the uncle of retired OCC Business faculty member Dr. Kathleen Lorencz, is a prime example of the valuable contributions entrepreneurial immigrants make to our country’s economic growth and their communities. Traveling to America from Hungary with his...

IMO Circle.coates.JPG

James R. Coates memorial (by Patricia Coates)

Jim Coates was an Oakland County Deputy Sheriff for 31 years. He conquered his own alcoholism in 1988 with the assistance of professional substance abuse counselors and remained in recovery for the duration of his life. Jim was a 1992 graduate of the Oakland...

James Stawara memorial (by Brian & Michelle Walsh)

James Stawara memorial (by Brian & Michelle Walsh)

James Stawara was a member of the Culinary Arts Faculty at the Orchard Ridge Campus of Oakland Community College. He was respected and well liked by students and peers. His colleagues and friends, Brian and Michelle Walsh, established this scholarship in his memory.

Janice Simmons.JPG

Janice Simmons memorial (by her family and friends)

The Janice Simmons Memorial Endowed Scholarship was established to recognize scholastic achievement, encourage continued progress, and provide financial assistance to students pursuing a Nursing degree.

Jonathan Misner pic

Jon D. Misner Memorial Scholarship (by family and friends)

Jon was a loving son and brother; full of life with many friends and life experiences. It’s been said he was a meticulous employee and dedicated firefighter, with the ability to bring co-workers together with his leadership qualities. After high school graduation,...

Joseph & Mary Lorencz.edit.jpg

Joseph & Mary Lorencz memorial (by Dr. Kaltheen Lorencz)

Mr. and Mrs. Lorencz began their lives in Hungary and immigrated to the United States as young children arriving with many others on Ellis Island. They met in their teens and married, settling in Wyandotte, Michigan. My father worked at Wyandotte Chemical Corporation...

Joyce Keil Zurel memorial (by her friends and colleagues)

Joyce Keil Zurel memorial (by her friends and colleagues)

As a dedicated Library Technician, beloved friend and respected co-worker, Joyce Keil Zurel worked with students and always encouraged them to do their best. This scholarship in her name acknowledges future Library Technicians who are committed to excellence in their...

K. Tazian sculpture.JPG

Kegham Tazian

Kegham Tazian is an award-winning sculptor and painter. The Armenian-born artist has gained notoriety for the diversity of his work and the variety of media exemplified in his pieces. A blend of modernism, realism and abstraction are commonly depicted in his...

Kristine Borrayo and Jessica Lizardi

Kristine Borrayo and Jessica Lizardi

Kristine Borrayo has been employed by OCC since 2001. Since 2011, she has worked in the college’s Career Placement Services department where she has experienced her most valuable experiences relating to students with autism, autism spectrum disorder, and those who...