Dr. McCall

Dr. Maurice McCall family and friends

Dr. Maurice Henderson McCall was the eldest of six children born in Newport News, Virginia. He earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Carnegie Mellon University in Music Composition and Theory and his doctoral degree from the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. He eventually would accept the position of Registrar at Virginia State University and then Oakland Community College, where he worked for twenty-one years before retiring in 2011.

Education, mastery of the “King’s English” and the ability to transfer one’s cognitive skills and talents to the myriad phases of one’s life were of the upmost importance to Dr. McCall. He accomplished his career goal to become an administrator in higher education. According to the philosophy of Dr. McCall, music was his entry into academia, the computer sciences insured income and language arts afforded him the ability to articulate and persuade. All embrace creativity, order and imagination for success.