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Farmington Rotary & the Estate of Lydia Silvani-Foley

For nearly 25 years, Farmington Rotary and the Physically or Otherwise Handicapped Individuals (POHI) Department at Eagle School partnered for care for children who had been afflicted with debilitating and often degenerative diseases. Farmington Rotary provided much support and assistance to the POHI children, from elementary level through high school, by helping to fulfill the program needs to enhance the service the program could provide.

Lydia Silvani-Foley was aware of the close relationship Farmington Rotary maintained with the program. Upon her death, this benevolent lady provided a healthy share of her estate to be designated by her executors to charities they felt would be consistent with her beliefs and wishes. Even though the POHI program has closed, Farmington Rotary fells that this scholarship in Lydia’s memory will continue to help students with special needs to progress in their educational endeavors, and provide a “New Family” for Farmington Rotary.