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Harriet Heiden Gabori & Richard Frederick Gabori memorial (by their family)

Harriet Heiden and Richard Gabori came of age during the depression when college was a real luxury. Dick grew up in New York, but as a gifted athlete, he attended the University of North Carolina on a scholarship. Harriet grew up in Detroit and attended Wayne State University. World War II brought an abrupt halt to Dick’s education, but Harriet received both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Physical Education while working at various jobs to come up with the funds necessary for tuition and books.

After the war, Dick took a job in sales that brought him to Detroit where he met Harriet. They married in 1947, and had four children. The value they placed on education was instilled in their children, and the three surviving children all have at least a Master’s degree.

Both Harriet and Dick were convinced that education was a key to a good life, and so they would have liked to help others to attain this key. This scholarship was established by the family in their honor.