In Memory of Don & Marie Huey

Don & Marie Huey memorial (by Nancy Huey)

Nancy worked at OCC for over 26 years as a Financial Aid Specialists, in the Office of Student Financial Resources and Scholarships. She saw first-hand how financial assistance with a college education can change and enhance a person’s future. The financial aid process can be daunting and complicated. Nancy felt fortunate that her life’s work was to guide students and help them achieve their academic goals. Or, at least not let financial road blocks keep them from achieving their goals.

When she lost her parents, she wanted to do something to honor their memory. This is what inspired her to create a scholarship in memory of her parent’s (Don and Marie Huey). As they both valued the importance of education and its impact on a person’s life, this was wonderful tribute. Utilizing payroll deductions made it so easy for her to facilitate and achieve this.

Mr. Huey was Controller of TRW until his retirement, and Mrs. Huey worked as a bookkeeper. Because of their career paths, she chose to help students pursuing a degree in accounting.