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Ann O'Grady memorial (by Dr. Kathleen Lorencz)

Ann O’Grady accepted a position with Oakland Community College during its formative years. She would often recall those beginning days and the antics that occurred as it began to get on its feet. She was very dynamic and inspirational, and as a professor, you couldn’t beat her enthusiasm for teaching. One of her favorite sayings was “It’s a great life if you don’t weaken.” She was a true Irish personality, full of life and good times.

She was one of two college-wide Sociology faculty who were truly conservative faculty members. She taught theory and did not promote a liberal philosophy for our society. She developed the Gerontology Program and dedicated many years to one of the landmark programs in the Detroit Metro Area. As a department chair and campus president for the Academic Senate, she spearheaded greater participation and changes for the campus and department. She sat as a member of the College curriculum committee for several years as well.

Her rapport and respect for students was mirrored in the many cards, letters, and visits she received from students. Ann would not hesitate to help students beyond the classroom. That help sometimes meant privately paying for childcare for a single mother, or for the tuition of a student who could not afford to continue.

She was one of the best the College will every have as someone dedicated to its success. As a professional educator, she was a caring, dedicated, and gifted professional educator.

You can give to the Ann O’Grady Endowed Scholarship here.