Angelo Evangelista Construction Management Endowed Scholarship

The Angelo Evangelista Construction Management Endowed Scholarship was established in memory of Angelo Evangelista, founder of the Tony Angelo Cement Construction Company, by his sons.

To be eligible for this award, applicants:

  • MUST be a resident of the State of Michigan.
  • MUST have completed a minimum of 6 credit hours of instruction at Oakland Community College. Transfer credit hours are counted toward eligibility (e.g., includes students with prior degrees and/or experience in construction/concrete management).
  • MUST be enrolled full-time or part-time in the Construction Management Program or specific math classes at Oakland Community College (must be enrolled in at least one math class with a course number of MAT 1560 through MAT 1740).
  • MUST maintain a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA with a 3.0 GPA for any construction class within the curriculum.
  • MUST describe in writing (1 page) applicant’s interest in Construction Management and future career plans.
  • MUST be used for tuition and books only
  • MUST write a thank-you letter to the donor
  • MUST NOT be an OCC employee or family member receiving tuition reimbursement
  • MUST NOT be a College guest student, high school guest student or high school dual enrolled student

Preference will be given to residents of Oakland County, followed by Wayne County and Macomb County.

Renewal criteria: This scholarship can be renewed if recipient still meets criteria. Renewal is subject to funding availability.